Yuri's Night 2007 Digital Download

This well known space music group performed live into the virtual world of Second Life for their first time as part of the NASA sponsored event, Yuri’s Night 2007. This is the recording of that historic performance. Their highlight performance was part of a 12 hour live music event coordinated by Cypress Rosewood (aka Tony Gerber). The other two Spacecraft members are Samadhi Cleanslate (aka John Rose) and Punksatawney Pickles (aka Diane Timmons-Rose)


SPACECRAFT - Yuri’s Night 2007

(aka Tony Gerber, John Rose & Diane Timmons)

at Spaceport Bravo April 12th, 2007

About this Digital Download This digital recording was recorded off of the audio console prior the final broadcast and is a single live concert sound file. The mp3 file is stereo 44.1 @ 192 kbps and is 95 megabytes in size.

All Music ©2007 Tony Gerber/BMI, John Rose/BMI, Diane Timmons/BMI - 

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