Inside the Inside Digital Download

This well known space music group has performed live twice at the Gathering series of concerts in Philadelphia, PA. This was their second performance in 2002 and Giles Reaves was with them on this trip to the Northeast. This is the most recent release from the group on CD format. There are some releases in digital format that were not available as CDs releases as digital downloads that represent their most current recordings.


SPACECRAFT - Inside the Inside

(aka Tony Gerber, Giles Reaves,

John Rose & Diane Timmons)

at The Gathering 32

About this Digital Download This digital recording was recorded live at the St. Mary’s Cathedral in Philadelphia, PA. The mp3 files are stereo 44.1 @ 192 kbps, includes the artwork and is a .zip file 80.8 megabytes in size.

All Music ©2002 Tony Gerber/BMI, John Rose/BMI, Diane Timmons/BMI and Selig Songs/ASCAP - For music licensing inquire here.

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