In honor of Felix Baumgartner's amazing jump from space and as a Farm Sanctuary Benfit, my group SPACECRAFT as well as a solo track will be included on an upcoming Space Music Compilation to be available from Sound For Good Records at http://sound4good.bandcamp.com/

Here is a SPACECRAFT track for that project, even though it is labeled as just "Tony Gerber" it is indeed, Tony Gerber, John Rose and Diane Timmons-Rose.

Time Totems 1992 (Tony Gerber & John Rose Pre-SPACECRAFT)

Galileo 1998 (SPACECRAFT: Hummel)

Earthtime Tapestry 1999 (SPACECRAFT: Earthtime Tapestry)

White Crane 1999 (SPACECRAFT Live on Echoes Living Room Concert)

Future Age 2002 (SPACECRAFT: Inside the Inside)

We partnered with ReverbNation as a content manager for some of our music that can be placed easily on anyones website. Please find a SPACECRAFT player below with audio and video for you to enjoy. Please feel free to add these widgets to your website as well. A great to support our music and get content for you site. We will also be posting some mp3s for download as well.

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