Earthtime Tapestry (As heard in Paramount Pictures "Vanilla Sky")


SPACECRAFT: Earthtime Tapestry 

(LS1014) originally released on Lektronic Soundscapes in 1999

Tony Gerber • guitars & synthesizers
Giles Reaves • synthesizers, percussion & processing
John Rose • synthesizers,
Diane Timmons • synthesizers, flute & vocals

1. Earthtime Tapestry 4:48
2. Living World 6:09
3. Dreams of One 9:33
4. Elder's Mourning 5:09
5. Migrations 1:35 
6. Cycles 6:39
7. Beyond 5:20
8. Stepping Lightly 6:18
9. Seed 1:59
10. Thread of Continuity 6:00
11. Homage to Gaia 3:19

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SPACECRAFT's third critically acclaimed CD was voted "Electronic Album of the Year" by New Age Journal and also found it's way into the major Hollywood film, Vanilla Sky starring Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz and Penelope Cruz.



SPACECRAFT: "Earthtime Tapestry"

Playing almost exclusively at planetariums, Spacecraft uses the live experience as a method of developing their music. Drawing on the mood of the audience, the vibe of the performance space and their own state of being as artists in collaboration, Spacecraft "feels" their way through live sets of improvised electronic sound. With the right combination, moments of brilliance are experienced as the music is revealed to both audience and artist.

Earthtime Tapestry is the third CD by Spacecraft and continues their evolution as live performers. Joined on this CD by fellow synthestist Giles Reaves, Spacecraft refine their approach to spacemusic, raising a notch the level of The Berlin School where this mode of expression was founded.

Reviewed by Chuck van Zyl, host of the Gathering Concert Series and Star's End Radio Program


SPACECRAFT: "Earthtime Tapestry" Space For Music Records

There is no doubt about it - Spacecraft are a class act and their last album ‘Hummel’ deservedly sold very well for SMD. They first came to our attention by being on just about every US specialist radio station’s play list. This album is even better. The accompanying promotional blurb, though more accurate than most, describes this album as being Ambient. Not to these years it isn’t. There is too much to get to grips with here to be ambient and besides the sequences, though subtle are much too high in the mix and attention grabbing to be ambient.Eleven tracks are listed but most float into each other. Two gorgeous tinkling sequences come out of the cosmic mist to give ‘Earthtime Tapestry’ a classy start. Very quickly there is an enormous amount going on. You will hear something new every time you play it. Initially it was the subtle guitar touches that caught my attention though there are any number of elements which could have grabbed me first. We drift into ‘Living World’ which is a very atmospheric section. A bubbling sequence keeps us company as subtle sonic images are delicately created. A more up front sequence pulsates away over the beautiful angelic wordless tones of Diane Timmons, (imagine Alquimia but more ethereal) on ‘Dreams of One’. Another beefier sequence comes in at five minutes and the track becomes more and more strident but somehow still manages to keep itself under control. ‘Elder’s Mourning’ begins with cosmic bleeps and twitters, deep synth strings then start to create a mournful atmosphere which is heightened still further by Diane’s just heard vocal colouring. It disappears again like a dream but one that will be remembered instead of disappearing phantom like as the light of day returns.

‘Migrations’ acts as a short bridging piece to ‘Circles’. A complex sequence starts to form, fitting like a glove with an even more detailed lead line. Mesmerising beauty. ‘Beyond’ uses some absolutely fantastic deep space effects with the ‘voice’ of Diane sighing over the top. Dark and haunting stuff. ‘Stepping Lightly' is a hypnotic piece, soothing you into a state of trance. ‘Seed’ is a gently rhythmic, slightly spooky bridging piece to the final two tracks ‘Thread of Continuity’ and ‘Homage to Gaia’. Both take you even deeper into the uncharted realms of space. Very eerie but fantastically done. This album is further proof that Spacecraft are the best group currently in existence from the USA. Simple as that.

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SPACECRAFT "Earthtime Tapestry" 

Hummel, the previous album by this southern U.S. synthesizer trio, was originally created as the soundtrack to laser light shows at a planetarium. As a quartet, the group expands their space-music style to evoke the interconnectivity of Earth's environment. Much of the music is improvised to an overall structure, somewhat in the vein of Jarre's pulsating Oxygene, but with today's wider palette of digital sound tools. Spacecraft's latest keeps the new ideas coming and never drops the lively beat. The panoramic cover photos from the NASA space shuttle demonstrate visually what the CD is about-the creative impetus is evident in tracks like "Stepping Lightly" and "Homage to Gaia.".

-NAPRA Review

SPACECRAFT "Earthtime Tapestry"

This 57-minute CD from 1999 features a distinctly more melodic side of Spacecraft's music, as the band explores the link generated between earth and life by sonic resonance. 

This time, the domain of synthesizers is visited by a guitar presence and choral vocals. While the soft electronics pulse and flow like energized mist, processed guitars flavor the blend with soaring tones, enhancing the music's ascendant quality. 

After lulling the listener with ambient soundscapes, the guitars adopt a more traditional presence, and the synthesizers become more keyboard-like with cyclic sequences of sparkling rhythms. The long waves of sound build into dreamy passages, accompanied by heavenly non-lyrical female vocal pitches. There's even a sedate trace of synthetic percussion in a few pieces. 

These compositions are touched with a glorious sunlight, charging each holistic tone with a shimmering quality. Spacecraft's fusion of melody with minimalism produces an ambience that is enthusiastic and inspirational. 

Despite these earthier origins, this music still lives in outer space. The expansive qualities cannot be restrained to any atmospheric condition, needing the limitless void to unfurl and properly display its inherent spaciness.

-Matt Howarth (SPACE.COM)

SPACECRAFT: "Earthtime Tapestry" (German Review)

SPACECRAFT – eine neue EM-Formation aus den USA, die sich auf Spacemusic spezialsiert und dies auch gerne live in diversen Planetarien und Kirchen in den Oststaaten der USA zelebriert. 

Tony Gerber (Gitarre), John Rose (Synthesizer) und Diane Timmons (Gesang und Keyboards) haben sich für ihr mittlerweile 3. Album mit einem zusätzlichen Keyboarder verstärkt, und bei all dieser Potenz an Instrumenten wage ich kaum zu glauben, dass die Gruppe Spacemusic im typischen Sinne kreieren kann.

Nur eins vorweggenommen: sie kann! Die Klangtapeten von Spacecraft sind ruhig und gespenstisch – ähneln in ihrer Schrägheit und Feinheit teilweise dem Spacemusic-Album ,Interstellar Memories‘ von Tales.

Zum Eintauchen ins dunkle Universum haben sich die vier aus den USA einen intergalaktisch guten Start erlaubt, der viele bisher bekannten musikalischen Erlebnisse in den Schatten stellt.

"Earthtime Tapestry", der Titelsong, ist von umwerfender Schönheit und auch Schrägheit ... immer wieder neue, fremde Dimensionen durchbricht dieses (alb)traumhafte Stück, das nicht enden dürfte, aber dennoch schon nach 5 Minuten in den nächsten Track überfließt. Wenn der Rausch vorbeit ist, und man es schafft ohne Wiederholung das nächste Stück zu spielen, kann der Hörer in "Living Worlds" einen ruhigen Gleitflug in die kühle Einsamkeit des Weltalls erleben. 

Soviel des Guten. SPACECRAFT sind (leider) tatsächlich in der Lage mit vier Musikern minimalistische Soundcollagen zu erstellen, die den Hörer zwar herausfordern, aber auch langweilen können. Darum sei gewarnt: Wer nicht auf Spacemusic "abdriftet" kann diesem Album nichts abgewinnen. 

Alle übrigen 10 Tracks auf der CD lassen schmerzhaft vermissen mit welch Gigantismus die Scheibe begann. Allerdings gewinnt die Gruppe SPACECRAFT dank einer betörenden (aber zurückhaltenden) Stimme von Diane Timmons einige neue, unbekannte Aspekte "aus der unendlichen Weite" der Spacemusic, doch lassen die überwiegend banalen und langweiligen Songs darauf schließen, dass diese Band noch einige Zeit zum Reifen braucht.

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