The Past Decade (SPACECRAFT never stopped)

Real Life as a musical astronaut navigating the Virtual Life.

The past 10 years has delivered some significant shifts to our life experience. On a personal level as well as our cultural experience on a social level. This is SPACECRAFT crew member, Tony Gerber, talking right now. I am speaking for myself, primarily, on this blog post. 10 years ago, I married my beautiful wife and I started a family and now have a beautiful 8 year old daughter which changed my life dynamic, of course, and caused a rebalancing of energies and time. 

As music has been part of my well-being my whole life, I have to continue making music and I have during this rebalancing time. In fact, my solo music skyrocketed in 2006 when I discovered the virtual world of Second Life. I was able to "broadcast" my live music to the world from anywhere. Thus, a large musical part of that rebalance has been music creation in the virtual world. Second Life is a virtual world platform that has enabled new ways to do live performances even if all the members are not all together in the same room. And these virtual events can take place in the comfort and convenience of our own home studio. Needless to say the advantages are very obvious and as a musical dad, this has been blessing and part of the new balance for me.


Photography by the Tennessean

SPACECRAFT has performed several historic virtual events in the past 5 years. Their first live performance on the virtual grid was for the global space party, Yuri’s Night 2007. As the music group SPACECRAFT was started as a result of NASA audio recordings, it was very fitting that their first mission to the virtual world grid would be for a space related project. To read and see more about this event, visit the Yuri’s SPACECRAFT page. In 2008, SPACECRAFT performed as a duo with Giles Reaves teaming up with me, Tony Gerber for a very fun concert from my home studio into SL. The other live virtual event was for World Space Week in 2008. These recordings may also be available at sometime in the near future.

LIVE RADIO CONCERTS! - These are broadcast on

We love to perform live music and that also extends to live radio performances. I have personally done over 1200 live internet radio concerts into the virtual world grid. Some of those have also included SPACECRAFT. 

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