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SPACECRAFT is scheduled for a live show in Asheville, North Carolina in May 2015 for the Asheville Electro-Music festival with the two founding members, John Rose and Tony Gerber, joined by Todd Gerber for a fresh SPACECRAFT trio experience. Visit the official festival website here.

SPACECRAFT FACTIOD: Indeed, we have continued exploring, creating, performing and recording live space music together as a group for 19 years, and we have never disbanded. We have never went a year without recording and performing something, some where. Check out our blog for more info.

SPACECRAFT is still going strong and has never quit recording or performing live since their last audio CD release in 2002. Their most recent release was in the form of a DVD concert performance from the Electro-Music Festival 2008 in Kingsport, Tennessee. For the past 5 years they have been working on a new surround sound recording, Re-Entry. There are plans for a creative commons NetLabel release or otherwise from SPACECRAFT in 2015 is the plan.

The live cosmic music crew, SPACECRAFT, is working at the OMegalab studio to complete the surround sound project started at Jim Corrigan's Heartlight Studios in Nashville, Tennessee working to complete their surround sound project started three years ago. Tony Gerber, John Rose and Diane Timmons will continue overdubbing, mixing and crafting their newest musical voyage entitled at this point "Re-Entry" In addition to regular member Giles Reaves, the group was joined by guitarist Mason Stevens and legendary vocal diva, Essra Mohawk in the studio original tracking sessions. They created nearly 5 hours of basic surround sound tracks during the initial sessions.


L to R - John Rose, Diane Timmons, Tony Gerber, Giles Reaves
photograph (2010) by Donna Michaels

In honor of Felix Baumgartner's amazing jump from space and as a Farm Sanctuary Benefit, our space music group, SPACECRAFT, as well as a Tony Gerber solo track and a John Rose solo track will be included on an upcoming Space Music Compilation to be available from Sound For Good Records at


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