Calm the Now

The best way in adult terms to describe my album "Flute Songs for Water" is like an "Audio Quaalude."This solo album released in 2006, was a nightly ritual for my daughter for 3 years. 


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When she went on to Montessori School I gave a copy to the head Montessori teacher for the kid's nap time as well as a couple other Montessori  teachers who came through there but worked in other parts of town. The response back from the Montessori folks has been grateful and almost astounded that a music can affect the kids, "even kids who don't normally nap, nap when listening to your flute music." When my daughter went on to the Elementary School for Kindergarten I gave her teacher a copy of the same flute CD. She immediately started using it for the quiet time for her class with great comments back to me. I ran into to her the other day and she came up to me and was thanking me so much again for the flute music that she still uses everyday for the kids. She even said special needs also really responded well to the music. In the context of falling asleep, this music works. It is a total and rapid, calming of the now. "Calming of the Now" will be an upcoming release of this most useful music as an aid in sleeping and the most needed nap time for the children. Preschool teachers will be very, very thankful for this easy fix for a complete and peaceful nap time.

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