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Next concert scheduled is with my blues project, Cotton Blossom Band, Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014 at the The Stone Fox in Nashville, TN starting at 8pm. This is a shared performance bill with Auroric Dreams.

Cotton Blossom Band is doing a live concert of space blues at the Stone Fox and sharing the bill with Auroric Dreams. Make sure to not miss this unique evening of music.

Let us know on the FACEBOOK event page if you want to experience this musical evening.


The new space music project, Auroric Dreams, from veteran live space music artist, Tony Gerber and electronic music's next generation, Bryan Burnett of Burnett Audio and will perform their 3rd live space music event in Nashville on Tuesday, April 22nd, at the hipster hang, The Stone Fox. The show will start at 8pm with the Cotton Blossom Band followed by Auroric Dreams. Come enjoy dinner or drinks and some great music. We hope you come by for a truly intoxicating night of music.

CBB SoulshiningCDcov

At the left is the artwork for the front cover of the CBB debut release. Todd Gerber, was the photographer and artist of the very cool image. 

Click on banner below to link to the official FB PAVILION Page.

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Tony Gerber has been working with VisionTrick Media, a video game development company, providing music for the upcoming game, PAVILION to be released Summer of 2014. We are excited to announce that Sony Asia has picked up the title for their new PlayStation 4 hardware system and it is listed as one of the 50 top games to be released for 2014.


Pavilion is an exploratory adventure played from a fourth-person perspective, according to its creators. Players manipulate a glowing cursor to interact with objects like bells, light sources and blocks as they guide a man through a lush, mysterious fantasy world.

Watch the PAVILION Music Teaser Video

Upcoming Music Releases from Tony Gerber

COTTON BLOSSOM BAND  will be officially releasing "Soulshining" in Jan. 2014

AURORIC DREAMS  will be releasing "Neptune Opposition" in the coming weeks. 

TONY GERBER  will be releasing a new flute recording "Totem" in 2014. 

SPACECRAFT  is working on their surround sound recording project called "Re-Entry" for a 2014 release.

GERBER & GERBER will have a track on an upcoming compilation called
"The Earth is Bigger than a Notecard"

GERBER & GERBER  will be releasing their debut recording on vinyl in 2014. 

Debut 2013 RELEASE from Gerber & Burnett's project Auroric Dreams


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NEWEST solo album release
from Tony Gerber called "Synergy of Light"
Tony brings together his synthesizer palette with guitars, native flutes and EWI to create a wonderful followup to his 2010 release, Colour My Dream. NOW AVAILABLE as a CD first here on Tony's website. Order your CD copy here.

Cover Photo


LISTEN to my weekly Ambient Sunday show POSTED BELOW with my guest, the legendary inventor, scientist, musician, composer and five time Grammy Award winning performer with Béla Fleck and the Flecktones, Roy "Future Man" Wooten as he joins me with my synthesizers, flutes and guitars in my home studio for the Ambient Duo broadcast into Second Life and internet radio.   Another result of the great Mando Blues show taping on Monday nights here in the west Nashville area, the Future Man, who I actually met several years ago with my friend Aashid, started coming out on Monday nights to the OmegaLab and we have been talking about his upcoming Orchestra piece with the Black Mozart Ensemble to celebrate Black History Month this month. Roy requested my assistance with Second Life for his Black Mozart Ensemble performance. As part of the experience, we will do a live show together on my weekly Second Life performance of Ambient Sunday on Feb 17th before his Orchestral project. You can find out more about the Black Mozart Ensemble project look here on the web. ROY "FUTURE MAN" WOOTEN


GERBER INTERVIEW - Released on August 15th, 2012 as a podcast is the Theater Intangible Interview with brothers, Todd and Tony Gerber. The page with the link also includes a complete concert recording from their Brick Factory performance. LISTEN TO INTERVIEW


Tony Gerber performed in two separate music projects for the Midwest Electro-Music Experience (MEME) in Indianapolis, Indiana in August. Friday, August 17th @ 6:00pm with his brother Todd Gerber, billed as "Gerber & Gerber" and then again on Saturday, August 18th @ 11:30pm with Fred Becker., billed as Gerber and Becker both projects collaborated with Michael O'Bannon on live motion graphics backdrops. As well Tony did a workshop Saturday afternoon on "Virtual Music Performance as part of the festival.

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This free track called "Onaip" is a piece from a Gerber & Gerber rehearsal 05-04-12 prior to Brick Factory show.

FREE DOWNLOAD Gerber and Becker LIVE at Midwest Electro-Music Experience.

A new song on video from Gerber's blues project, the Cotton Blossom Band, below.

Much of the music I heard growing up was a combination of African American music, i.e. Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, the Staples and more Mountain gospel from my mother's Appalachian side of the family. I learned my first blues picking patterns from the Elizabeth Cotton style and listened to Leadbelly, Josh White and of course 60s blues groups like Johnny Winter, John Mayall, Spencer Davis Group. String music groups like Hickory Wind or old time like Leon Redbone were also a big influence and bluegrass later on in my teens. This is more my roots in the voice and acoustic instruments realm. Of course, we must not forget the Beatles influence on this musical self. The electronic side of my musical personality started pretty early too, but not as early as my acoustic roots. - Gerbtone


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