O C T O B E R   2 0 1 4   N E W S

October brought a trip to the mountains for my wife and I. I recently purchased a new synthesizer, the Sledge from StudioLogic and was able to take that with me to the treehouse. I serenaded my wife with new sounds and new songs. I captured a couple and posted them to my http://youtube.com/tonygerber page and you can see one of them entitled, “Appalachian Night”  below. 

Two concerts are coming up in November thus far, with Gerber and Gerber, as well as Auroric Dreams. I hope to get the Cotton Blossom Band or at lease Mason and myself together for some space blues… 

I recently returned from a very satisfying and successful Scandinavian mini tour of 3 concerts in Finland and Denmark. Below are some videos I have released from my Colossus Club show at On The Rocks in Helsinki, Finland on August 7th, 2014 as well as a couple others.


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The musical performers of Karelian Skies
L-R: Kimmo Kivelä
 (Fi), Kim Bjorn (Dk), Tony Gerber (US), Greg Hurley (US), John Krikawa (US), 
Paul Nagle (UK) and Otso Pakarinen (Fi)

These three videos are from solo concert I did for Colossus Club at On The Rocks in Helsink, Finland.

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