S E P T E M B E R  2 0 1 4   N E W S

September is always an inspired month for me. I am working with my brother Todd to edit together two sides to a vinyl release from Gerber and Gerber for 2015. This will be our debut release and I am glad we have decided to go with audiophile quality vinyl record release.  I am also working with some new Auroric Dream material and getting a show or two scheduled for this fall. Always check back here for updates. As well as, the Tony Gerber facebook page and http://reverbnation.com/tonygerber

My good friend, Brian Hardin, audio engineer and filmmaker, came to my home studio during an Ambient Sunday and did a multi camera shoot. He edited together nearly an hour of the show to a video. If you want an insight into the world of Cypress Rosewood and his weekly broadcasts, then take a look at the video below… 

I recently returned from a very satisfying and successful Scandinavian mini tour of 3 concerts in Finland and Denmark. Below are some videos I have released from my Colossus Club show at On The Rocks in Helsinki, Finland on August 7th, 2014 as well as a couple others.


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The musical performers of Karelian Skies
L-R: Kimmo Kivelä
 (Fi), Kim Bjorn (Dk), Tony Gerber (US), Greg Hurley (US), John Krikawa (US), 
Paul Nagle (UK) and Otso Pakarinen (Fi)

These three videos are from solo concert I did for Colossus Club at On The Rocks in Helsink, Finland.

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