Tony's Live Radio

I started out doing live gospel AM radio at the age of 9. I performed on acoustic guitar and sang solo as well as with my 3 year old brother, Todd. I have done many live public radio station concerts of space music, as well as college radio, community radio and internet radio. My radio station on in 1997-2000 was the at or very near #1 for nearly 3 years straight out of over 100,000 stations created my members. From 2006-2010 I had my own 1 hour radio show on WRFN in Nashville, TN interviewing and linking up with musicians around the world as well as many other avatars in the virtual world of Second Life. I now have a 24/7 radio station broadcasting from my home studio in Nashville, TN. When I do my live 1 hour concerts from home, I broadcast them live on this station. 


My internet radio station,  plays music from my Space for Music record label, my own music as well as a few of my idols. There are several hours of music programmed for enjoyable, relaxed listening. Since I started doing live virtual concerts in Second Life in May of 2006, I have been broadcasting them on my radio station. You can visit my CALENDAR page to see when my live concert broadcasts are scheduled. They vary from week to week, but I do have a regular Sunday night program called "Ambient Sunday w/Cypress Rosewood" that you can tune into at 10pm CDT every Sunday night, unless I am out of town, which ocassionally happens. 

You can discover more about my virtual world avatar, Cypress Rosewood, at the website. I hope you enjoy my music. Thanks for the continued support over the years.

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