The Wavedrum Gift

Another year clicks by and I don't feel any older. Well, there are those little physical things. But that inner child is still the same. Still making music. Still wanting to learn more. I have been intrigued by the sound of the Wavedrum. Basically, a percussion synthesizer. I have the urge to move more, playing rhythms to my space music. The Wavedrum is a stereo device. One channel has the piezo electric pickups that drum uses to hear the sound of the mallets, sticks, hands, whatever is smacking the head or rim of the drum. It mixes that signal with the sounds of the Wavedrum. I am also looking at single, small, stereo looper to hook the Wavedrum into as a means to loop the rhythms on the fly as I use it for my live broadcasts. I get it started, let it go and move on to another instrument, many times looping it as well. Building the musical expressions as I go. In the moment, where I strive to be as much as possible. All the time, really. It is where it all happens. In the moment. Listen for some percussive/drum based instrumentation in my upcoming broadcasts and releases. I know I will be enjoying it. Below is a track that I recorded during my Ambient Sunday night broadcasts. I am playing the WaveDrum along with my synths in this song.

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