My Asterope Experience

One of my brother friends, became the carrier of some kind of alien technology with these Asterope audio cables. It's alchemy. It's something. i really, really, like it. It makes me feel better about playing my instruments. They have all kinds of cables available now, but just start with one style, like an instrument cable, to do your own AB between whatever cable you are using now. 

When Asterope came to Nashville for a demonstration of their technology, I was asked to come down and check it out for myself. Legendary musicians, engineers and music business people gathered at the old 16th Avenue Sound studio, is how I will always remember that building on the row. Bob Babbitt was their with his bass and his Asterope. Bob wouldn't play with anything else after he heard it the first time. That's the way I felt as well. I had to have these cables for my instruments. That is the way everyone felt that was there. Our jaws were dropping on the floor at what a major difference this seemingly magic instrument cable made our instruments sound. Wow! I was thrilled to be able to take some cables with me to try at my home environment. My electric guitar got the first wave. The transients are astounding. Now, with the 4th generation and Fishman's name on the cable too, they are entering a new phase. I just received one to hook up with my analog MOOG synth to the Mackie console in my rig. It just blew me away. The sound difference is something that inspires. The clearness, clean, transparent, perfection of sound coming from my instruments, now, are indeed the way they are suppose to sound. Only hearing it this way did I even realize how colored, noisy and limited some of my other cables were obivously sounding.

It may seem a bit pricey, but the over all difference and experience with your instruments are way worth it. They make you play better. For real.

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Asterope Audio Cables, Fishman Fluency Pickups, Woodsounds Flutes by Brent Haines and Odell Borg Flutes