Sound Bathing or Immersion

Music that envelopes the listener in a blanket of sounds. Like a local church group who does an hour of in the moment music calling it “A Washing”… music that washes over you. My project started with Massood Taj, called “Sacred Moments” has brought about a better way of describing the music we are doing “in the moment” on Sunday’s in Big East Fork Valley at the Center for Sustainable Stewardship Retreat, calling it “Sound Bathing.” Such a gentle chill, creating a sacred space for listening and thinking and even conversing. When we gather, a concentration on nature, music, art, food and an appreciation for each other is the spirit where our musical sound baths come to fruition creating the soundtrack to an environment of equalization and common denominators. The sonic drones are like streams of water and gentle melodies floating in the sound bath that is a defining sound for Tony Gerber’s music and many of his projects.


© 2006-2019 Tony Gerber uses
Asterope Audio Cables, Fishman Fluency Pickups, Woodsounds Flutes by Brent Haines and Odell Borg Flutes