Scandinavian Music Tour 2014

The reflection process has started. My second venture to europe, but the first for performing musical concerts. It was amazingly satisfying, relaxing and a success. It has born new opportunity for next year, with the addition of a small one week Icelandic tour. I am excited to be sharing the bill for most of those shows with my Danish friend and collaborator, Kim Bjørn, from Copenhagen. We performed together as a duo at the Cathedral of Copenhagen for my debut european concert. From Denmark I travel to Finland and would remain there for the rest of my time. All in all I was there for 18 days and I just now slowly absorbing the implications and learning of wisdoms from my travels there. I had absolutely amazing hosts and I am grateful to their generosity to me during my stay. The weeklong event called Karelian Skies was a huge success in the town, Nurmes, where we performed. What a beautiful theatre they had for us to set up and perform in. There were two amazing young men who were so excited that we were playing in their town, they helped out in every way possible and made our technical side of things runs extremely smooth and professional. Thanks Panu and Severi… 

I am glad to say that Karelian Skies 2015 will be July 31st, 2015 and I plan to be there again to expand my understanding of these different cultures and spread the brand of my music to new audiences. The audiences of the far north are much more attentive and understanding to my art. It was an extreme pleasure to play for them. 

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