Sacred Music Group

I am excited to announce the first performance with my father in law and friend, Seth Ritter, and our new sacred music project, yet to be named. The beginnings of this group and this first concert together using new instrumentation came together in that familiar feeling of everything is "suppose to be happening this way". Let me explain. 


About 2 weeks ago, there was a spiritual movie night at a local meditation/yoga/healing house here in Nashville that I received a Facebook invite to via my friend Scott, who was hosting the movie night with his wife. Come to find out, the lady who is the director of projects at the Ivy House was somebody that had recorded at my studio with Neal Merrick Blackwood in 1989 on Music Row, called, Space for Media. This movie night house, called the Ivy House, was actually built by the Collier family in the early 1900s, the same family that built Marathon Motorworks factory in downtown Nashville in 1907. I had a woodshop, paint studio, computer lab and recording studio at Marathon Village early in 1995, occupying the old Marathon Motorworks factory. The Collier family had kept the house until about 2004. Things were already feeling very much like it was suppose to be happening that day, that way. 

When I started to talk to Corrine, she explained that she was doing vocal chanting of mantras and would be interested in possibly doing something together. After the movie was over, a good time and good feeling place, the Ivy House, I went back home and a couple days later, Seth calls me up explaining that he would like to book a sacred music event somewhere, with me on flutes and another Nashville himalayan singing bowl master, Brian Kilian, whom Seth had met at a teaching session in Pennsylvania a few weeks earlier. This would be our first time doing one of these shows together. Being someone who produces quite a few live music events, I was totally into making it happen and immediately said, "Well, I guess we are suppose to do this sacred music performance at the Ivy House as a Sacred Music Night event, because the door was totally opened a few days ago when I went to see spiritual movie night." So, voila! It is done. I hope you are able to see one of these beautiful gatherings if you are in the area. 

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