Pavilion Video Game Soundtrack

About a year ago, I got contacted by a young gentleman from Sweden named, Rickard Westman via the internet. He explained to me that he discovered my music via the internet and really liked what he heard. He explained that he had been developing a new video game with another gentleman by the name of Henri who was also from Sweden, but living in Tokyo, Japan. They had been using my music as the backdrop during their creative time spent creating graphics and coding for this new upcoming 4th person video game called, Pavilion. 

"Now," Rickard continued with me via Skype, "as we are assembling the game and it is operating closer to the beta stage, we cannot hear anything but your music to be used as the soundtrack for our game." He was wondering if we could create an agreement for the use of my music in their new game. After talking and examining the artwork, samples of gameplay and more, I was thoroughly excited to become part of the team for this unique video game that is NOT a shoot 'em up game, but much more contemplative, meditative and spiritual in it's overall image. This seemed to be a perfect match and intertwining of game elements and music. 

After months of communicating and supplying hours of music for my Swedish friends to listen to and choose the most appropriate musical passages, Sony Asia announce a few days ago that the Pavilion game would be bundled as part of their new PlayStation 4 game hardware to be released soon. Target date for game availability is summer of 2014. Needless to say I am excited by this new development and hope this opens a new chapter in my musical adventure for 2014 with projects for other video game projects. Stay tuned as I document, albeit slowly sometimes, through my blog, news of my creative world… 


Tony Gerber

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