Being in the Moment

If there is one way of looking at life I hope to convey to my 7 year old daughter, it would be to always be in the moment. I also am constantly trying to convey this to my wife, as well as myself, and my facebook friends as a reminder. A reminder that we all seem to need. Most importantly is learning how to each remind ourselves individually and act upon our own reminders. Easier said than done, as most things are in life. The simpler the concept, many times, the more difficult to achieve. 

Music in my life has proven to be a discipline that forces me to be in the moment. Especially with the spontaneous improvisation music that I so much enjoy performing. Whenever I find myself living in the past or worrying about the future, I recall the feeling of being totally in the moment during musical performance. Other great examples are during a great laugh, or painting, reading a book, engaging conversation, meditation, time of emergency and really, everything if you are truly living in the moment. Another recent development, the virtual world, also forces you to be in the moment. That is an extremely interesting observation of being in virtual worlds. You would almost think it would be otherwise, but it puts our mind into an of the moment time frame, much like reading a great book is my viewpoint on this amazing realm of modern culture.

Being happy is the key. Meditate on being happy, joyful, blissful and loving. Let inconditional love flow from the heart out to the world, out to the universe. Visualize the light energy, love energy, flowing through your entire being filling you with blissful happiness and unconditional love. Our insides are filled with gold. See it, believe it and be happy. Be in the moment.

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