"Ever Since You Never Heard of Me"

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1. Angel Watching Over You LISTEN
2. A Kiss From The Heart
3. I Tried To Die Young
4. Ordinary Rain
5. Working Legend
6. Motherhood Of Love
7. Hushabye
8. Deserts Of Blue
9. Big Big Bear

10. Smile
11. Life Without You
12. Every Breath Of The Way
13. My Surprise



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Roadburn Cafe

Rambling and Meambling

A stop along the way at the Roadburn Cafe.

My dear ones I 've learned to trust myself more than others might. Every time I 've ignored that little voice, the one that tells me beyond all reason why I should or shouldn't, there's been trouble. I listened when I was 20 teen something, but then later when I became 30 ten 2, I figured adulthood. Make adult decisions based on what a responsible grownup person would do. Be more like this one or that one, other mothers, perceptions of maturity, Joan Baez or Christine Amonpour NORMAL. I was touring in England and met a world re-known psychic who told me the stress of trying to be normal was making me crazy. Boy did that hit the mark. Where was Melanie? Who was Melanie? At first, Melanie was an outcast, oddball, didn't measure up to my family's expectations, a runaway, thrown out of school to become a superstar with golden records and silver chains and glass chains and new ideas about who I should be, further removed from who I was. It's very difficult to look for yourself with so many others looking for you. Somewhere in there was my personal owness, the authentic me, real, the genuine article, not what I was called, labeled, built up or torn down to be, not the one who was applauded or discarded later.

We are all going to die. 
You will die. 
I will die and what was that?
What was that called my life? I wanted to be of service to mankind,to humanity, I have a love for humanity which pales sometimes by my fear of the one on one because I have it seems pulled in, or my position, perhaps would draw in the ones who want to see if they can make you cry. 

"I cried outloud but they didn't understand.
I cried so hard I may never cry again."
(I Am Not a Poet)

I recently looked at my performances on the Ed Sullivan show, Wow! I was really good and so pretty. I was unaware of that at the time it's true. And so what, even if I was aware of it that isn't the point. It's this  human condition. From the most optimistic viewpoint, life is a beautiful chance. A possibility of the unlimited possible. A fulfillment of creation giving birth to all creations. All art, music, love and ultimately death. From the less optimistic viewpoint, it's suffering, or falling in step with the banal dance, the insipid false laughter, busy work. The moves one makes to succeed in business, social standing to find money, power, sex, degradation, loneliness, sorrow and ultimately death. We're all gonna die!
I   d o n ' t   w a n n a, but it's the deal, the sacred contract. So I'm going to follow this through to the end and beyond.~Bed, Bath and further than that.

The little voice that has no voice, said, so call the new CD, "Ever Since You Never Heard of Me". The loud mouth said "It's too long." You should call it "Tried to Die Young." One of the best songs on it. Or something more intellectual, something Leonard Cohen would be proud of. I don't know if Leonard is ever proud. It's an unintellectual word. Pride, in  Roget's Thesaurus is a sense of self worth, self respect, self esteem, but the symptoms of pride listed go on and on from arrogance, condescension, vain glory, airs, boasting, conceit, chauvinistic, too big for one's boots. Of course, who would be caught dead  being proud, but I'm defensive of proud. Probably, because it was beaten out of me early on and I've fought for it. Look , just summon up that feeling of being proud.
OK Now  here we go
 just summon up that feeling of being proud.........
Do you feel condescending, too big for your boots or arrogant? Well not me. I feel really good. It's nice up here. Ooooohhh I'm proud. Ooooh put that on once a day and you probably won't kill yourself or you could go to Bacoma, Oklahoma, if you touch the ground there you won't suicide yourself says Edgar Cayce. Why bother, if any of the spiritual practices are even a little right, it's no way to beat the system. "We're going on a bear hunt, we're going to catch a big one. What a beautiful day. We're not scared, can't go under it. Can't go over it. Oh no, we've got to go through it."  So here it is ESYNHOM in it's entirety with only bits left out. "Will you still please me, will you still need me, When I'm sixty-four. You'll be older too." In my 64th year, but not yet 64 and in the spirit of how old would you be if you didn't know how old  you were. ~ about 23, 42, something in there. An archaeologist, a member of the peace corps, next life, or in heaven I'll save you all a chair, my dear ones. Thank for listening and don't read anything into this, I've already done it for you,


The Loudmouth: Better read this over. I don't know about this telling people their gonna die stuff or Leonard Cohan not being proud or killing yourself and sex and degragation?

Little Voice:I know but this is true from my little voice place of importance.
Sorry but I win!

The recording session as it used to be:

I would prepare as for a stage performance with more emphasis even, on my voice. Vocal exercises teas and elixirs. If an evening session my last meal eaten would be at noon. An afternoon session hardly ever for me, nothing except maybe broth. Then I’d get there usually before the musicians, and they’d come in with shop talk and jokes. Session musicians. These were my songs. They were about to be flushed out and embellished for the purpose of reaching the masses. The first sessions were painful mostly. There was usually a session leader; union guys, arrangers (Roger Kellaway), charts, an engineer. Through these people with me as focal point, (sometimes), as we are talking a lot of male in the room. All the musicians were union; had all graduated from Berkeley or Julliard. Roger had worked with Ballanchine. Labels were loose with funds. The return on investment being greater than the investment, or so easily recoupable by keeping the Artist “in the red”!

I digress. The point is it was me having to defend, protect and keep pure my songs. Peter was the defender of my voice, but had his idea of my next “hit”. Hit? Me? For me it was to communicate the songs from my intensely personal feelings to “out there”.
Who knows what or where it will land “out there“. In the spirit of releasing the trapped thing ~ and always up to a higher place where it could be heard by others, lift spirits or share pain, amplifying itself to the God ear and so on. Later on, sessions became more about the drug of choice, depending on the times and what was cool, and what was not.

Present Day 2010

Now a sessions is ~ “Mama, do you feel good? I need you to do a vocal” “On what?”
“I Tried To Die Young” (Now in it’s third incarnation.)

“I’m going to chop this broccoli first, and then I’ll be up in about twenty minutes.” And in less than a month: There it is ~ And it’s finished! Right up to the God ear and more. It is my personal sway. As if it were all me. It is my second heartbeat. The true soul of the songs. The life I’ve sworn to protect and release; Keeping intact the ever so delicate essence, the heart and soul of it for you, my dear ones. Immaculate ~ The best recording ever made. Thanks to Beau-Jarred, my child’s brainchild, George Wurzbach and Peter.
I’ve got to go and cook the broccoli…

-Love, Melanie