Band Bio

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Tony Gerber - vocals, slide guitar, electric guitar, mandocello, synthesizers, harmonica, native flutes and EWI
Mason Stevens - baritone guitar, diddly bo's, resonator, electric guitars
Michael "Mighty Mike" Doster - upright acoustic bass
Roy "Futureman" Wooten - cajon, wavedrum and cymbals

The Cotton Blossom Band was intitially realized in late 2011 with Tony Gerber and Mason Stevens as they played together in Gerber's home studio, the SpaceLab…working up some song ideas for the Mando Blues radio show, which is recorded in a tent up on the hill from where they were rehearsing.  As if, out of nowhere, Tony hit a pad on one of his synthesizers and went into a spaced out version of R.L. Burnside's, Jumper on the Line song with Mason soon grooving on his diddly bo slide instrument they immediately realized that this was a sound they wanted to hear more of, and the band was born. After posting some comments about the project with a soundclip or two, BB King's longtime bass player, Mike "Mighty Mike" Doster expressed an interest on Gerber's Facebook wall with some positive comments. Doster and Gerber had played together with bluesman, Aashid Himons in the 80s and 90s on occasion and so it was a natural thing to make Cotton Blossom Band a trio with Mighty Mike on upright acoustic bass this time. After getting together as a trio, there was surely space for cajon and percussion of sorts. Gerber had started doing some work with another musical great, Roy "Futureman" Wooten, who had also known Aashid and again was a connection. The Cotton Blossom Band as a quartet had their first gig at Soulshine Pizza for the 3rd Anniversary show of Mando Blues, which was sponsored in part by Nashville Fringe Festival. They have gradually been working up more shows and recently put together their first album entitled, "Soulshining". 

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