Streamable Music?

It seems the landscape of the music world is forever a marketing wasteland as accountants and people who aren’t even musicians continually change formats for our music. The newest kind of buzz word in the music arena is “streamable” music, like with different services, Spotify, Pandora’s Box, etc. and Bandcamp, like we have set up for our download sales and streamable listening. I just want to say that I have not issues with being able to stream listen to an album before I pay for the hi rez download files, purchase the CD or the vinyl album. If I really like somebody, I will try to support them by purchasing the best quality version of their work. Streamable music is like being able to listen to your albums in a record store before you buy them. Or even like hearing things on the radio, but you get to pick the scheduling by listening anytime. In our continually morphing world, at an ever increasing exponential rate, I try not to get hung up on the delivery format, but concentrate on the highest quality music I can make in the best format possible at the moment. I still believe that vinyl and the large format album artwork is far more power, audiophile and enjoyable. Enjoy our music…   -Tony Gerber

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