Collab with guitarist, Adam Ahlemeyer

Recently, as part of the networking that goes on via the Mando Blues radio show at the OmegaLab tent complex, west of Nashville, Tennessee, I met a young guitarist named Adam Ahlemeyer. I immediately sensed a sort of camaraderie and felt compelled to ask him to join me as an ambient duo on my weekly radio broadcast called Ambient Sunday. We had a fantastic time and I have posted one of the songs, the very first song, actually, that we recorded together for that first broadcast. After sending the recording to my Auroric Dreams bandmate, Bryan Burnett, to get his inspired response, Bryan and I have asked Adam to join us for a June 1st Ambient Sunday broadcast. These shows are broadcast on internet radio, but also piped into the virtual world of Second Life and a virtual show with audience is happening in there as well. We will see how this all goes, but adding different people always creates a new output to the equation and we are excited to see what music will come to fruition during this show.

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